Monthly Archives: July 2010

Amazing Photos of Jason Cross’ Transformers Collection

I’m excited to bring you our first Crave fan profile featuring Jason Cross. Not only does he have a collection of close to 300 Transformers, but he’s also an ace when it comes to bringing these guys to life through photography.

Jason Cross’ photo of Masterpiece Optimus side by side with Classics Bumblebee and Transformers Movie 2007 Optimus Prime. Click this image to go to the Masterpiece Optimus Prime page on Crave.

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Transformers Toys Revealed at Botcon 2010

This past weekend, the Crave team headed to Botcon taking place this year in Orlando, Florida. We were newbies at the show, but we had a blast meeting up with Crave site members and hanging out with 4000 other Transformers fans & collectors.  Some of the fans we met had collections ranging from 2000 to 3000 Transformers.  We’ll be profiling them in future posts, so stay tuned. Continue reading