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Upcoming Transformers Toys That Have Impressed a Hardcore G1 Fan

Rosemary Ward

Editor’s note: This week we’d like to welcome Crave site member and expert Transformers toy collector Rosemary Ward (aka ‘Screamers’) as our guest blogger.

I met Rose at BotCon 2010, the annual Transformers convention put on by the Transformers Collectors Club and Hasbro.  Rose was assisting Peter Cullen (voice of Optimus Prime) and taking great footage of the convention, so it was clear from the start that she is a dedicated fan who loves to share her passion with others.

Rose’s collection numbers in the thousands. Together with boyfriend Anthony Tuski, they’ve built up a collection that covers every Transformer that Hasbro has put out in the U.S., as well as most of the U.K. and Japanese original releases. Learn more about Rose and her awesome collection at

With her expert Transformers knowledge, we’ve asked Rose to give us her picks from recent and upcoming Transformers toys to be released this fall 2010. She’s selected some favorites that will have even loyal G1 fans running out to snatch them up. Continue reading