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Customs with Joe: Quick Fixes

Joe Lewis

Editor’s Note: This week on Customs with Joe, our customs mad scientist explains how a simple beauty product supplies solutions for numerous quick fixes for TFs who have seen better days. He also gives us a teaser image for a bigger project he has in the works for next week. Enjoy!

Hey everyone, this week, I want to talk about what is probably the biggest question I get from people. Continue reading


Screamers’ Spotlight: This Week’s Review of A Favorite Transformer for Sale on the Crave Marketplace

Rosemary Ward

Editor’s note: This week we’d like to welcome back Crave site member and expert Transformers toy collector Rosemary Ward (aka ‘Screamers’) as our guest blogger.

As I mentioned before, I met Rose at BotCon 2010, the annual Transformers convention put on by the Transformers Collectors Club and Hasbro. She is one of the top Transformers collectors in the country and has developed a wide following on her blog Continue reading

Classics Listings Currently on Crave!

After showcasing some of the awesome vintage G1s on the site last week, we thought it would be great to show you some listings from other popular TF series that we have on Crave. Today we are featuring some of our Classics listing. This includes the Classics, Classics 2.0 Universe, Generations and RTS TFs currently listed on the site. The listings below are a sample and to browse the rest of the Classics TFs for sale visit the Classics section of our catalog! Enjoy! Continue reading

April Sellers Contest Update: 5 Days Left!

With April winding down we thought we’d give you another update on our current Seller Contest. Some shuffling has occurred in the categories and we have some new names entering the leader board! Also, with 5 days left the contest is still wide open. With a record sales day yesterday, it only takes 1 day for your position to change! Continue reading

Best Price Highlights

It looks like Crave is back after the AWS crash. We wanted to bring you some best price highlights and show you a selection of some of the awesome deals currently on Crave. To purchase these and other well price deals, go to Enjoy! Continue reading

With AWS Down, We Decided to Laugh About It

Amazon Web Services is experiencing a major crash that has taken many websites down across the web, including Crave. With AWS on the fritz there isn’t a way for me to bring you the best listings available on the site today. So what does a pack of collectors and nerds do at the office when they can’t work on bringing their users awesome TFs and listings? Scour the internet for some comedy of course! I’m sure many of you reading this are aware of, but we figured we’d share some of the TF related strips we like the best! Continue reading

Mr. Bay was in the TFCC House!

Whether you love or hate what he’s done with the Transformer’s franchise, Michael Bay is nothing if not notorious. His flair for stylized scenes, fast edits and explosions has earned him the unofficial title of ‘Captain Awesome’ in some circles (Don’t believe me? Check out his commercial for Verizon). Captain Awesome himself recently graced the cover of the 2011 April/May issue of Transformers Collectors’ Club The Official Magazine, if you couldn’t already tell.

TFCC’s own Pete Sinclair got a chance to sit down with Mr. Bay at Toy Fair in February to get the inside scoop on the final installment of the live action Transformers saga, Transformers: Dark of the Moon (At least, according to Bay, the final installment he will be involved with).

Mr. Bay was careful not to reveal specific details Continue reading