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Sitting Down with TCC’s own Pete Sinclair

Pete Sinclair

Editor’s Notes: Greetings Cravers. Today we bring you an interview with TCC’s own Pete Sinclair. BotCon 2011 is around the corner (literally, less than a week away) and we could not be more excited here at Crave. You’ll also find some BotCon Exclusive listings from years past that are currently on Crave below. Enjoy!

Crave: Everyone knows about TCC, but not every knows how it got started, can you tell us when and how it was created? Continue reading


Customs with Joe: Continuing with our Megatron/Galvatron Repaint

Joe Lewis

Editor’s Note: Greetings Cravers! Please welcome our resident custom’s mad scientist, Joe Lewis, for the long overdue second installment of his Megatron repaint project. The delay was not Joe’s fault as we were having issues getting the post up. However, whatever glitch that was stopping us before is gone and we are happy to be back on track! Here’s Joe…

Welcome to week two of our first big repaint project! As a quick refresher, last week we stripped the paint off of our test subject using isopropyl alcohol and a stiff brush. This week, we get down to the fun parts, and start laying down the first coats of paint. Continue reading

Crave Corner on RFC, week 2!

Greetings Cravers and feast your eyes on the second installment of Crave Corner on Radio Free Cybertron. Yes, I know, shockingly enough they invited Cole back onto the show for a second installment of the piece. Brian and Cole (Rob was suffering from an unfortunate case of Comcast poisoning this week) chat about what’s currently on Crave as well as what’s up next for Crave in both Transformers and beyond. Continue reading

April Seller Contest Results and May’s Contest

The April Seller Contest ended last Saturday on April 30th, and we have tallied the results. Remember, the contest ran from April 8th to April 30th. The seller who sold the most TFs won $100 to Amazon, the Seller who grossed the most in sales won $50 to Amazon, and the seller who sold the most expensive single listing won $20 to Amazon. The 22 day contest was a lot of fun, and we now have your winners: Continue reading

Customs With Joe: A new body and troops to command…

Joe Lewis

Editor’s Notes: Welcome back the customs mad scientist himself, Joe Lewis. After introducing us to the world of customs, the tools of the trade, and helping us out with a couple of quick fixes and repairs, Joe sinks his teeth into the first stages of a complete repaint. Watch as he takes a classic and transforms it into… well, a classic (what? I couldn’t resist).

The past few weeks we’ve talked a lot about repairs, but now it’s time to get down and dirty and do our first full-figure repaint. Continue reading

1st Crave Corner on Radio Free Cybertron!

Say hello to “Crave Corner” on Radio Free Cybertron! That’s right folks Crave has entered into a relationship with Brian Kilby, Robert Springer and the rest of the gang at RFC! What does this mean? Well first, a long engagement, followed by marriage, then we’ll open a Transformers/cat/iguana hospital (it’s good to specialize but diversify at the same time), and then… TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!! Continue reading