Monthly Archives: June 2011

Featured Series – Dark of the Moon

With the highly anticipated Transformers: Dark of the Moon hitting theaters this Wednesday (despite the text of certain promotions…) could Crave choose a series other than DOTM for Featured Series Week? That question is rhetorical, the answer is still no, and prepare to OD on DOTM! Continue reading


Scout Picks This Week!

Welcome to our newest round of Scout picks! Last week we asked the Crave Scouts to submit their top choices for items currently listed on the site. Below you can see their picks, which Scouts picked which figures, and we also included a couple of anecdotes on why some of our Scouts chose the figures they chose. Be sure to check out their Crave profile by clicking on their profile picture! Continue reading

New Crave Corner on RFC!

We have another installment of Crave Corner on Radio Free Cybertron this week. This is the first week in which RFC’er JD Church hosts the piece. For the foreseeable future JD and Cole will be keeping Cravers up to date on the latest and greatest coming from the marketplace. Crave Corner starts at about 49:00, but you should definitely check out the whole podcast! Continue reading

Refer a friend to Crave and you both get $5 back!

june2011 refer a friend programTwo ways to get cash back from Crave in the month of June!


If you are new to Crave, buy something between now (June 20th) and June 30th to get $5 back.  Click here to start browsing


You tell your friends about Crave. If they buy something in June (for the 1st time), you both get $5 back.  Submit their name on this form so we know you referred them. Continue reading

Catalog Updates from BotCon!

Welcome to BotCon Exclusive Week Day 4! Not only was BotCon great because we got to kick it with fans, but also because of some of the great upcoming releases they had on display. Specifically Kre-O Transformers, Transformers Prime, and new DOTM figures! The Crave team snapped hundreds of photos of these new releases (ok fine, it was one guy, Kabriel our CTO, Co-Founder and Boardgame Extraordinaire), and we used these photos to update the catalog. Check out some of the newest catalog additions below! Continue reading

BotCon Exclusive Week Highlights!

In honor of the late, great BotCon 2011 – it may not be dead, but for the year it is 😦 – We have made the first Crave Featured Series Week all about BotCon Exclusives. We’ve been promoting Exclusives listed on the site on both Facebook and in our newsletters all week. Here are 9 more BC Exclusives to wet your appetite on! Continue reading

Crave Corner on RFC Recorded at BotCon!

Welcome to day 2 of BotCon Exclusive week on Crave. Today we have a new Crave Corner from RFC recorded at BotCon. Crave CEO & Co-Founder Erin Turner and Crave Community Manager Cole Sickler caught up with with RFC’s own John DeLuna at the convention. Check out the video below to learn more about Crave’s BotCon 2011 experience, and see some great footage of the convention room floor. Crave Corner starts at about 31:57, but the RFC folks put together a great wrap-up for BotCon, and the whole podcast is fun and entertaining as always. Continue reading