Tell Friends and Family What You Want this Holiday on Crave!

Share your Crave Want List with friends and family to let them know what you want on Crave this holiday season! Starting today you can see and share your Want List from your Crave profile page.

So be sure to share that list and let your loved ones know what you want this holiday season!

1. What is my Want List and Where can I Find it?

Your Want List is made up of all the figures you have told Crave you are looking for. To access your Want List simply highlight your profile picture anywhere on the Crave site and click the words “Click for profile.”

2. How Do I share my Want List?

You can share your want list in one of three ways:

1. You can post your profile page and share it with anyone who knows you by just clicking the share button on the profile page and then clicking “Share” again in the next window.

2. You can share your list with specific people of your choosing by clicking “Customize” after clicking the share button on the profile page.

3. Or you can just copy the link for your profile page out of the url bar and send that link to your friends and family.

3. How do I add to my Want List?

Adding to your want list on Crave is easy. You can either click the “Want” button on an individual product page…

2. Or you can click “Your Crave” on any page directly underneath your profile picture to be taken to our catalog checklists. Here you can select and fill out your want list by series.

Adding to your Want List on Crave and sharing it with your friends is incredibly easy. So visit us on Crave, fill out your Want List, share that list, and help your loved ones give you a great holiday season!


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