New Buyer Promotion Continues Through December

The New Buyer Promotion continues into December on Crave. You can still get $5 back from Crave for making your first purchase this month. Please see the rules and details on this promo below, or email us at if you have questions.

Rules and Details:

  1. Qualifying buyers will be paid through PayPal.
  2. All purchases from a first time buyer in December qualify, including those before the deal’s announcement.
  3. This promotion is a one time deal per buyer and runs across all 3 Crave marketplaces. Meaning you will not earn $5 for your first purchase in each marketplace, only your first purchase on Crave.
  4. $5 back payments will be processed after delivery and payment confirmation.
  5. Should your purchase be canceled, returned, or refunded, you will not qualify for the $5 back deal on that purchase. However, you will still qualify if you make or made another purchase.
  6. It is your responsibility to contact us should you not want to participate in this promotion. We will pay these $5 back automatically for all those who qualify unless a user contacts us and tells us otherwise.


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