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Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale: Zero Buyer Fees on Crave

Welcome to Cyber Monday on Crave!  Whether you love Transformers, Star Wars, or G.I. Joe, you can buy any of them today (Nov 28th) and pay zero buyer commission! That means you save 10% on all of your purchases for the next 24 hours.  It’s our way of saying thank you for the great first year and helping you get the gifts you want for the holidays

In addition, our sellers are offering some great holiday deals.  Why not take advantage of both today? Continue reading


Seller Bonus: $5 in July

Are you a seller who’s been thinking of trying out Crave?  Or have you listed items before, but not sold 3 yet?

Well, you’re in luck.  Not only is selling 100% free on, but you get $5 bonus if you make 3 sales this month and have not previously sold at least 3 items in a single month.  This offer is good till July 31st!

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July Discount for 1st Time Buyers

Here’s a little incentive to go ahead and get that collectible you’ve had your eye on:  make your 1st ever purchase on Crave between July 7 – July 31 and get $5 back. Continue reading

Refer a friend to Crave and you both get $5 back!

june2011 refer a friend programTwo ways to get cash back from Crave in the month of June!


If you are new to Crave, buy something between now (June 20th) and June 30th to get $5 back.  Click here to start browsing


You tell your friends about Crave. If they buy something in June (for the 1st time), you both get $5 back.  Submit their name on this form so we know you referred them. Continue reading

Screamers’ Spotlight: This Week’s Review of A Favorite Transformer for Sale on the Crave Marketplace

Rosemary Ward

Editor’s note: This week we’d like to welcome back Crave site member and expert Transformers toy collector Rosemary Ward (aka ‘Screamers’) as our guest blogger.

As I mentioned before, I met Rose at BotCon 2010, the annual Transformers convention put on by the Transformers Collectors Club and Hasbro. She is one of the top Transformers collectors in the country and has developed a wide following on her blog Continue reading

March Seller Contest Update

Greetings Cravers!

The Crave staff is really pumped about all the activity we’ve seen on the marketplace since launching the March Seller Contest on the 16th! Remember, the person who sells the most TFs between March 16th and March 31st wins a $100 Amazon gift card ($50 for 2nd place and $20 for 3rd). Click here for the original contest announcement. Continue reading

Catalog Updates!

Greeting Cravers!

You have been waiting patiently for us to update the catalog, and that time is here! We will start updating the catalog over the weekend and into next week. The Crave team is going to start with the newer stuff, like Reveal the Shield and Generations. But we need your help! We know older items are missing from the current catalog and there are also errors with products on the existing catalog. Continue reading