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Be a Part of the December Seller Contest on Crave!

That’s right Crave fans, the December Seller’s Contest is here! The competition begins today, December 22nd, and continues right up until that ball drops on midnight December 31st! Top prize in each marketplace this month is $50. Read on for rules and details, then get out there and post those listings!

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Cyber Monday Sale

Cyber Monday Sale: Zero Buyer Fees on Crave

Welcome to Cyber Monday on Crave!  Whether you love Transformers, Star Wars, or G.I. Joe, you can buy any of them today (Nov 28th) and pay zero buyer commission! That means you save 10% on all of your purchases for the next 24 hours.  It’s our way of saying thank you for the great first year and helping you get the gifts you want for the holidays

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Tell Friends and Family What You Want this Holiday on Crave!

Share your Crave Want List with friends and family to let them know what you want on Crave this holiday season! Starting today you can see and share your Want List from your Crave profile page.

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Listing Bonus: September 29-30

The Crave listing bonus is an extra cash incentive for sellers to put fresh items on the site and provide buyers with a wider selection of figures to browse. The seller who lists the most products in each marketplace today (September 29th) and midnight tomorrow (September 30th) will win $50. Sellers can also win the bonus across multiple categories. The rules of the promotion are below. Be sure to read them to make sure your listings are eligible!


  1. Listings must be legitimate products that are actually for sale and listed in the appropriate marketplace (Listing a Robotech Veritech in the TF Marketplace will not count).
  2. Listings must be for products, not parts.
  3. a majority of the listings must remain on the site after September 30th (unless they are sold). If the winner removes more than half of the listings they posted between September 29th-30th from Crave immediately following the contest’s close their eligibility for this bonus will be revoked. This ties directly back to rule 1, listings must be legitimate products that are actually for sale.


September Sprint Selling Contest

Welcome to the September Sprint on Crave! What is the September Sprint? It is a 9 day selling contest starting today and going through the end of September. Each marketplace (TF, Star Wars, and G.I. Joe) will have 3 winners. The prizes will be $100 to Amazon for 1st place, $50 for 2nd, and $25 for 3rd.

Sellers, you have only 9 days to sell as many listings as you can. The competition will certainly be fierce so be sure to check the rules and tips for making sales below. Good luck!

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Scout Spotlight: Rocco Grassi

Editors Notes: Meet Scout Rocco Grassi everyone. Rocco has been with Crave since the beginning on the Transformers Marketplace. He has been an excellent Scout during his time with us and we could not be more thrilled to introduce him to the rest of the community. Rocco is a dedicated collector and has almost re-collected the entire G1 collection after selling his original complete G1 collection away in grade school (been there myself, oh money can blind us…). Continue reading

September Buyer Promotion

This September if you make your first purchase on Crave you will earn $5 back. So get online, building your collection, and get some money back! Continue reading