G.I. Joe: Updated Top 20 Most Wanted Figures

Yo Joe fans and sellers!  Ever want to know what figures are most wanted by the community?  Now you can see the Most Wanted G.I. Joe figures on Crave!  Click the link to see the complete list on Crave.com.

Below you will the top 20 most wanted Joes from our list as of November 22nd. If you have any of these and are willing to sell you should list them NOW. Both the Seller Contest ($100 top prize) and Listing Bonus ($50 prize) are running and these items will probably sell fast!

Go Joe!

Most Wanted G.I. Joe Figures on Crave (visit this link to get links for each of the products below).

  1. Techno Viper (30th Anniversary)
  2. Sci-Fi (30th Anniversary)
  3. Lifeline (30th Anniversary)
  4. Storm Shadow (30th Anniversary)
  5. Cycle Armor with Ashiko (Pursuit of Cobra)
  6. Kwinn (30th Anniversary)
  7. Zombie Viper (30th Anniversary)
  8. H.I.S.S. Attack Scout with H.I.S.S. Scout Pilot (Pursuit of Cobra)
  9. Sky Striker (Starscream) with Cobra Commander and Megatron Gun (2011 SDCC Exclusive)
  10. Data Viper (30th Anniversary)
  11. Crimson H.I.S.S. Tank with Driver (30th Anniversary)
  12. Jungle B.A.T. (Pursuit of Cobra)
  13. Zarana (30th Anniversary)
  14. Cobra Trooper (25th Anniversary)
  15. V.A.M.P. MK-II – Multi-Purpose Attack Vehicle – Includes Steel Brigade Delta Figure (30th Anniversary)
  16. U.S.S. Flagg (Classic Collection, 1985)
  17. Cobra H.I.S.S. Tank V.5 (Pursuit of Cobra)
  18. Combat Jet Sky Striker XP-21F – Captain Ace Pilot (30th Anniversary)
  19. Cobra Saboteur – Code Name: Firefly (25th Anniversary)
  20. Sgt. Slaughter (25th Anniversary, Exclusive Figures)

Star Wars: Updated Top 20 Most Wanted Figures

Hey Star Wars fans, today we are bringing you the top 20 figures currently wanted on Crave Star Wars.  See the entire list of Most Wanted Star Wars collectibles by going to the site.

If you have these and are willing to sell them you should list them NOW! The Seller Contest is going on and the most wanted items tend to go quickly! So check out the list and get those listings out!

May the Force be with you. Always.

Most Wanted Star Wars (get links for the products below and more by going to the full list on our site, just follow the link)

  1. Darth Revan (30th Anniversary Collection, Expanded Universe)
  2. Bastila Shan (Vintage Collection (2010+))
  3. R2-D2 (30th Anniversary Collection, Revenge of the Sith)
  4. Stormtrooper Commander (30th Anniversary Collection, Exclusive Figures)
  5. Darth Malak (30th Anniversary Collection, Expanded Universe)
  6. Imperial Jumptrooper (30th Anniversary Collection, The Force Unleashed)
  7. Wampa – Hoth Luke (Power of the Force, 1995)
  8. Betrayal on Felucia (30th Anniversary Collection Battle Packs)
  9. Anakin Skywalker’s Spirit (30th Anniversary Collection, Return of the Jedi)
  10. Shadow Scout with Speeder Bike (30th Anniversary Collection, Exclusive Figures)
  11. Aayla Secura (Vintage Collection (2010+))
  12. Darktrooper (30th Anniversary Collection, Saga Legends)
  13. Clone Commander (30th Anniversary Collection, Saga Legends)
  14. Clone Trooper Hawkbat Battalion (30th Anniversary Collection, Return of the Jedi)
  15. Clone Trooper – Revenge of the Sith (30th Anniversary Collection, Saga Legends)
  16. Imperial Shuttle (30th Anniversary Collection, Vehicles)
  17. Gamorrean Guard (Vintage Collection (2010+))
  18. Clone Trooper Officer – Commander (30th Anniversary Collection, Saga Legends)
  19. Clone Trooper Officer – Lieutenant (30th Anniversary Collection, Saga Legends)
  20. Commander Neyo (30th Anniversary Collection, Saga Legends)

End of October Buyer Promotion – Make 4 Purchases, get a Crave shirt!

We have the seller contest, and the new buyer promotion, but what about the backbone of the Crave Community? Our returning buyers who keep the community going from day to day need some love of their own!

With that in mind we are bringing you a buyer promotion for October. If you make 4 purchases before the end of October we will send you your very own Crave shirt. What? You already purchased 4 listings from Crave in October? THEN YOU ALREADY QUALIFY! That’s right, if you have already bought 4 items then you have already earned your shirt (you should still buy more stuff.) Already have a Crave shirt? Then contact us at community@crave.com to find out about alternative prizes.

New to Crave? Then you can combine this promotion with our new buyer deal as well. If you make your first 4 Crave purchases in October we will send you $5 for your 1st purchase and the free shirt for the following 3 purchases.

Here is what your shirt from Crave will look like (handsome man not included) :

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  1. Make 4 purchases in the month of October to get your free Crave t-shirt
  2. Purchases must be completed before they count for the deal (item has been delivered to you with no complaints).
  3. Only purchases during the month of October count
  4. If you have made October purchases before this announcement they will still be counted.
  5. As shirts are a bit harder to organize than cash, we will be contacting all those who qualify at the end of the month to get their shirt size and shipping information.

Make those purchases and get your Crave shirt!

Transformers: Updated Top 20 Most Wanted Figures

What’s up TF fans? We thought we should bring you the current top 20 most sought after Transformers on Crave. If you have one of this heavily sought after figures, post it on Crave Transformers marketplace to make a sale! Enjoy!

Most Wanted Transformers on Crave (follow this this link for the complete list AND links to each of the products below)

  1. Soundwave (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Communicators)
  2. Megatron (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Leaders)
  3. Wheeljack (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Cars)
  4. Rumble (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Mini-Cassettes)
  5. Frenzy (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Mini-Cassettes)
  6. Ravage (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Mini-Cassettes)
  7. Laserbeak (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Mini-Cassettes)
  8. Starscream (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Jets)
  9. Buzzsaw (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Mini-Cassettes)
  10. Jazz (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Cars)
  11. Sunstreaker (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Cars)
  12. Hound (Generation 1, G1 1984, Cars)
  13. Mirage (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Cars)
  14. Optimus Prime (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Leaders)
  15. Skywarp (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Jets)
  16. Bluestreak (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Cars)
  17. Sideswipe (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Cars)
  18. Thundercracker (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 1, Jets)
  19. Shockwave (Generation 1, G1 1984, Series 2, Military Operations Commander)
  20. Bumblejumper (Bumper) (Generation 1, G1 1984, Mini-Cars)

October Listing Bonus: October 21st – October 31st

Welcome to the October Listing Bonus running from October 21st – October 31st. Below you will find the rules for this competition. The seller who lists the most items in each marketplace will win $50 to Amazon. If you are competing for the bonus you must make sure that your listings follow these rules. Remember, if you list the item to sell you are probably on the right track!

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October Selling Contest on Crave: Launches October 15th

Welcome to the October Selling Contest on Crave. Like last month’s September Sprint, the October Contest will have three prizes per marketplace ($100, $50, and $25 to Amazon) for the 3 sellers who sell the most listings between October 15th and October 31st. See below for rules, details and tips for making sales. Good luck!

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TF Scout Spotlight: Craig Chappell

Editor’s Notes: Meet Scout Craig Chappell. Craig has been helping out the staff at Crave since nearly the beginning. Giving us great feedback for the site, and proving himself to be helpful to other fans as well. Not only is Craig an incredibly helpful force on Crave, he is also one of our most popular sellers with a long list of sales and an exemplary record of customer satisfaction. We are thrilled to have Craig as a part of the Crave community! Read on for the interview and some collection photos below. Continue reading